When the artist formerly known as Tity Boi reemerged as 2 Chainz, he built his career into a fever pitch of momentum through sporadic-but-frequent and seemingly random guest verses. Now that he has a few years atop the hip-hop world under his belt, the Atlanta rapper is applying the same principle--to charity.

Through his TRU Foundation, 2 Chainz has donated a five-bedroom, two-bathroom house to an Atlanta family of 11. The family--which features two sets of twins--had fallen on hard times, and the rapper was made aware of their situation through a fundraising page that had been set up by Atlanta's Progression Church. After picking out their new digs, the star brought everyone over to check it out and pick out their bedrooms.

"We ain't know where we was gonna go," the father of the family in question says. "We was not looking forward to nothing like this. It is way over our head, but we gonna learn how to deal with it. But we thank God for it." He goes on: "Now we don't have to cry no more. We don't have to worry nothin no more."

As for 2 Chainz, he wanted to make it clear that he wasn't doing it out of selfish reasons. "This right here ain't gonna save me taxes, it's in the beginning of the year," he says. "I'm looking forward to seeing their smiles. I'm looking forward to the kids growing up knowing that Uncle 2 Chainz came through. Keep praying. You gotta have faith. You gotta believe."

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