It really seems like things in the world are just getting crazy. A 14-year-old Florida girl is facing murder charges after police said she admitted to strangling her newborn son and stuffing his body in a shoe box. The girl gave birth to a gave birth to a 9.5-pound baby boy in the bathroom at her Lakeland, Fla., home on Sept. 19, police said.

The teen, who is 5-foot-3 and weighs 100 pounds, had been wearing baggy clothing to conceal her pregnancy from her family, police said. When she realized she was giving birth, the girl turned on the bathroom faucet, police said she told them, and placed a towel in her mouth to mute her cries of pain as she delivered the baby."

I think the mother should go to jail for negligence. How do you not notice a 5'3 100 lb girl is carrying a 9.5 lb baby in her stomach ? The father of the child in my opinion is not responsible for any of this unless he is over the age of 18.
What do you think should happen to this girl and her family ? This is a sad situation all the way around. Watch the video and comment !