There have been a lot of new beginnings this year for quarterback Mitch Trubisky.  The latest one will have the biggest impact on his life.

Mitch Trubisky was only with the Bills for one year and he made a lot of fans while he was here.  Unfortunately, he was a bit of a cap casualty knowing that they would not be able to pay him what he was worth, so they let him go.  Just a few weeks ago he picked his family up and made the move to Pittsburgh hoping for a shot at a starting position after the retirement of longtime quarterback Ben Rothlisburger there.

But the biggest story of his year in his personal life will without a doubt be the birth of his son.  Of course the announcement was made to the world on social media:

Congrats to Mitch and his wife Hillary.  The new baby's name is Hudson David Trubisky.  He was born on 5/9/22.

Of course, multiple congrats came in from his former Buffalo Bills teammates.

Harrison Phillips said, "Future goat! Congrats y'all"

Jordan Poyer's wife Rachel Bush chimed in, "😍😍❤️❤️ most handsome baby boy!!"

Ike Boettger added, "YES!!!! Young Stally 🐎 congratulations"

There is nothing that will change your life like having a child.  You can move, you can change jobs, but nothing has the impact on your life that a child will. Huge congrats to Mitch and his family on all of their new endeavors.  We will see him in Week 5 on October 9th as the Bills take on the Steelers at Highmark Stadium.

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