It's so good to get the Buffalo Bills back on the field. The National Football League has the longest off-season of the four major sports and Bills fans always go crazy when their team is finally back on the field.

The first preseason game is this Saturday at Highmark Stadium against the Indianapolis Colts but Bills fans' first taste of football inside Highmark Stadium this season came this past Friday with the annual blue and red scrimmage.

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The scrimmage went fantastic. There were no injuries to speak of and featured plenty of impressive plays, especially from the likes of rookies like James Cook and Khalil Shakir.

There was one thing that happened before the scrimmage took place and it was captured outside the stadium.

Bills Mafia went crazy over a fan's decision to not only purchase this jersey, but wear it in front of other fans.

A "13 Seconds" Bills jersey...

The 13 seconds is an obvious reference to what happened at the end of regulation against the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Divisional Round playoff game back in January.

I'm so confused.

Why would a Bills fan wear this? It makes more sense if you have this on a Chiefs jersey or even a Patriots or Dolphins jersey, but a Bills jersey? This is like having a Bills jersey that says "Music City Miracle."

Is this jersey mocking the Bills? At a scrimmage no less...I'm just perplexed by it all.

Judging by the reaction on Twitter by it, Bills fans are perplexed as a whole.

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