method man

Who does it better ..
Full disclosure I don't know when this was created or why - but who needs a why when it's Method Man. I happen to see this on my timeline today and just had to share. For all you who think you have to mumble rap or talk about "THAT LIFE" you never lived "JUDGE FR…
Rappers Now!
A side by side comparison of your favorite rappers' style back in the day to how they dress now.
10 Best Verses From ‘Enter the Wu-Tang (36 Chambers)’
There's Boogie Down Production's 'Criminal Minded. The Beastie Boys' legendary 'Licensed to Ill. Eric B. & Rakim's 'Paid in Full.' Hip-hop has plenty of albums that are considered landmarks in the culture, but what do they mean for the casual fan? They're essential listens and are still on the p…
Game Faces Lawsuit Threats From RZA
Word on the street is, rapper Game just got a cease and desist, with threats of a lawsuit, from The RZA of The Wu Tang Clan over a song. Sources say the conflict came after Rza produced a song, "Heartbreaker" for Game's R.E.D. Album, but when they un-able to clear the track, i…

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