There’s a lot of things that can make a Western New Yorker go crazy…and not always is it the “good kind” of crazy.

Sure, we go “crazy” for the Buffalo Bills, good pizza and wings, and skiing at Kissing Bridge. 

But what are some of the things that drive us absolutely bonkers…in the worst way?

In situations like this, you may find it appropriate to use the term “dagnabbit!” 

What is a dagnabbit? It is a word that is used to express anger or surprise…and perhaps the most familiar moment for you is the infamous wide right. 

There are other things that can drive us crazy in Buffalo, and here are the top 10 things. 

  1. When you have a batch of wings and realize you’re out of blue cheese dressing .

  2. When you left the AC on in your car from your ride home from work, and then you remote start your car in the morning because there is snow, and you still have to scrape the windshield  

  3. When a business is out of a particular item you are seeking.

  4. When it starts snowing..

  5. When Wegmans is out of pizza logs 

  6. When you get caught in the Highmark Stadium traffic

  7. When you get to a street that is not plowed

  8. When you arrive to your favorite restaurant only to find out they had to close early due to lack of employees

  9. When you find out about an accident holding up traffic but you just passed the exit to go around it.

  10. When you forget that you put your Tim Horton's coffee on the roof of the car ....and then you drive away and it spills allllll over the windshield.

There’s tons of things that can set us off in Buffalo. Even a 4th down can make someone so angry that they throw their drink (I’ve seen it happen), but the one thing you can’t deny about us in Buffalo is our passion.

So next time you have a dagnabbit! moment, yell it loud and yell it proud. You’re from Buffalo, dagnabbit!

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