New Artist Spotlight: Cozz Interview [VIDEO]
Every once and a while, an artist comes out of the blue with a song that demands attention. I caught up with a young LA Rapper who's "Dreams" record is making his success in the music industry a reality.
Lil Kim took a break from working on her upcoming mix-tape (which I feel should actually be an album) to sit down with XXL Magazine and address a few things with unity amongst women in hip-hop being one of them.
25 Best Underrated Eminem Guest Verses
When it comes to gripping guest features, Eminem takes the cake. The idea of an elite rapper crashing the party to murder someone on their own joint is arguably the height of constructive competition in rap music. It's survival of the fittest incarnate, the chance for two or more MCs to square off f…
7’4 Rapper Behind The Music with Dj Supreme [VIDEO]
The tallest rapper in the game sits down with Dj Supreme on The Only Night Show The Matters. As we get behind the music again. Rapper 7'4 talks about basketball, how he got into rapping, rappers gimmicks, women and a lot more. Check it out below and follow my man on twitter @7FOOTRAPPER...