If you haven't heard of the new rapper out of Chicago Lil Mouse, he is 13 years old and raps about trapping, smoking, violence and other things a 13 year old kid shouldn't be rapping about. Here is what his manager told Ebony Magazine.

“He has stuff like that. It’s just one song. He does have other records. The music will speak for itself. He still has the mind frame of a kid. We are not going to follow in anyone’s footsteps though. We are going to break barriers,”

In an interview with the Chicago Sun-Times, P. Noble, the director of the video, noted that Lil Mouse’s mother was actually on the set of the controversial music clip. However, Dough from Da Go wasn’t able to confirm Noble’s account.

This is absolutely ridiculous .... There is a big dispute between whether Lil Mouse is 11 or 13 but for the benefit of a doubt we will say he is 13, which is still to young to be rapping about these topics. I'm not mad at Lil Mouse for his lyrics cursing or endorsing criminal activities. I'm mad at the adult music video director, the producer, his mother, his manager, and Lil Wayne for promoting this craziness. None of these adults could see what the rest of the world is saying that this is clearly wrong. I hope C.P.S. comes and puts this child in a productive home before he ends up dead or in jail.