Need to find a last-minute Halloween costume? Don't worry, your buddy DJ Supreme has the best Halloween costume ideas that will set you apart from the crowd.

Who wants to be a french maid, nurse or any of the other run-of-the-mill ideas? These five rappers' faces/personas alone are a Halloween costume.

The Rapper: Nicki Minaj

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The materials you'll need to look like her are a colorful wig, butt pads and almost no clothes at all.

The Rapper: Drake

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If you want to be Drake, get yourself some thick eyebrows that you can find at your local costume store. After that, you can wear anything -- it doesn't have to match, coordinate, anything at all; just think NO FASHION SENSE. Don't be surprised if the ladies don't go crazy over you, sort of like THE REAL DRAKE.

The Rapper: Rick Ross

Stuff your stomach with pillows...lots of pillows. This is the key ingredient. Get yourself a fake beard, and just say "UH" all night long. That's how you become the BIGGEST BOSS in the business.

The Rapper: Lil' Wayne

If you want to be Lil' Wayne for Halloween, get some long dreads down to your backside, and go shirtless with the skinniest jeans you can find. Leggings are also a good alternative. Don't forget your Styrofoam cups!

The Rapper: Gucci Mane

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For Gucci Mane, you'll need an old Popsicle wrapper, and use warm water to transfer the ink onto your face. This will get you a lot of laughs, and no one will take you serious -- the same thing that we think about Gucci's raps

Personally, I don't celebrate Halloween, but do enjoy yourself and tweet me pictures of your outfits @djsupreme!