Mitt Romney

Consider a Mormon President
I posted this question on my personal Facebook Page a couple days ago and never expected the number of responses my "thought" would generate.  Here's the question I posed and the responses...what's your opinion?
Ask yourself...what would life in the U...
Obama on 1st Debate: “I Was Too Polite” [AUDIO]
This morning on the TJMS The President called in to address his performance in the first debate and what he will do for the Black community. Listen to the entire interview inside! Then Double check your voting registration status and get ready to vote on Nov 6th!
3 Days Left To Register To Vote In 2012 Presidential Election
Don't miss out on the chance to participate in a historical election on Nov. 6th 2012. If you are 18 years old or older, honor your ancestors legacy and get registered to vote, as many of us did not have this right 100 years ago! Details on how and where to register and learn about THREE Presid…
Mock Presidential Election [POLL]
Did you know there are 12 Presidential Candidates vying for the Presidency of The United States?
Take the "MOCK 2012 PRESIDENTIAL ELECTION POLL" and you'll see all of can write in your own Presidential Candidate!
Obama “Don’t Like” Romney [VIDEO]
Republican candidate Mitt Romney was caught on camera expressing his dislike for 47% of America who "think they are entitled to Health Care".
Meanwhile, footage of President Obama telling the DNC that he don't like Mitt Romney's face has also leaked! Check out th…
Nicki Minaj Is Endorsing Mitt Romney ? [#THEBIGDUMMYFILES]
I personally found this one hilarious. Nicki Minaj is apparently a Republican who likes Mitt Romney politically according to people on twitter. On her appearance on Lil Wayne's new mixtape release, Dedication 4, which came out Monday.
"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy (expleti…

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