I personally found this one hilarious. Nicki Minaj is apparently a Republican who likes Mitt Romney politically according to people on twitter. On her appearance on Lil Wayne's new mixtape release, Dedication 4, which came out Monday.

"I'm a Republican voting for Mitt Romney / You lazy (expletive deleted) is (expletive deleted) up the economy," she declares in one song, Mercy.

If you really pay attention to politics someone in Nicki Minaj's tax bracket would obviously vote for Mitt Romney. Unfortunately most of her fans and supporters are the lazy MF'rs that she was mentioning in the song. It seems like rappers will do anything for a little attention now a days. This is more proof that most of the people in rap game now a days could care less about the people who put them on top.

Ladies and gentleman you are witnessing buffoonary at its finest. If you didn't get what Nicki Minaj actually meant she is saying "I got more money than you do, and I don't give a ..... " I'm sure Mitt Romney would approve ! Welcome Nicki Minaj and anyone who follows her political beliefs BLINDLY with out doing their own research into the BIG DUMMY FILES.