There have been several incidents lately involving the Police and a suspect who was shot dead on the scene. I, like most people am confused by these fatal shootings. Criminal justice experts give us some insight into the Police academy procedures that beg the question: Are Police trained to shoot to kill?

Earlier this month, Buffalo Police shot and killed 38-yr old Charlene Fears, who was suspected of stabbing her grandson.  She refused to put down her butcher knifes, before the veteran cop killed her.

In July, a Michigan man was lit up 46 times when he refused to drop his knife. An attack dog was on hand, why not just sick the dog to disarm the suspect?

Right now critics of the Arkansas police, are in complete distraught as the death of a suspect who was found shot in the head in the back of a police cruiser is ruled a Suicide! Yes that's right. We are to believe that this 21 yr old man, who had been arrested before and assured his girlfriend that he'd call her when he got out, was all of the sudden so afraid of jail, that he killed himself.

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It's hard to believe that the cops can't detain the armed suspects so that they can't harm the officers without killing them!

Why not just shoot em' in the leg, like they do in the movies?

"If there's justification to pull the trigger, there's justification to kill," said Thomas J. Aveni, executive director of the Police Policy Studies Council, based in New Hampshire. "Shooting to wound is a fantasy that might sell movie tickets, but has no basis in reality."

"When using deadly physical force, police are trained to stop the immediate threat they're confronted with," said Varrenti, a criminal justice instructor at state University College at Brockport and Monroe Community College.

"And the question is 'is your life in danger or the life of someone else?' If yes, then you're authorized to use deadly physical force and that is whatever force is necessary to stop the threat, and you do that by shooting for center mass."

But if the suspect isn't posing any physical threat, just shoot him anyways and call it suicide like they did in Arkansas. Check out the video the Police posted to try to convince the family that Chavis Carter was capable of shooting himself in the head even while in handcuffs!