This incident happened in Michigan.   This is unbelievable!  I know Police Officers...if they HAVE to shoot someone....are trained to shoot to kill...or at least shoot for the chest area, but this is RIDICULOUS!

Here's a personal quiz for you before you watch the video attached to the link provided.

Six Officers confront a man with a knife and urge him to drop it...he does not...and eventually he begins to approach the Officers which causes them to have to shoot him.  There are six Officers.  How many shots would you guess NEED to be fired from each of the six Officer's guns in order to stop the man?  My personal opinion is ...let's see... 6 Officers * 1 Shot Each = 6.... that sounds right and enough shots as far as I'm concerned.  You may be of the opinion that it's a higher number of shots.... BUT I DOUBT ANYONE WOULD COME UP WITH 46!!!!!  WHA!!!!!!

Watch the video and tell us what you think. (smh) (Click the link)