Big Dummy Files

Dumb criminals doing dumb things. Need we say more?

Idiot Robs His Own Grandmother At Gun Point [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Last Friday, a masked intruder broke into a woman's home in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Despite his rudimentary disguise -- a purple bandana pulled over his face -- the homeowner could tell it was her grandson, who had robbed her before.
So, she ripped off the bandana to confirm her suspicion...
Tossing Salad In Jail Goes All The Way Wrong [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
This isn't supposed to be funny but fortunately it is, check out what this inmate did to prison employees. Check out this story I found on WFTS.
A Manatee County Jail inmate working with food in the facility’s kitchen is facing additional charges after he reportedly added extra, …
Meek Mill Thinks He Is A Blood Now [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
I know people who are really in gangs who don't promote the gang lifestyle. These same real life gangstas really have a problem with RAPPERS who promote gang life, and aren't really gangstas. They have all the rights in the world to feel this way...
Man With 22 Children Has 17 Baby Mommas [#BIGDUMMYFILES]
Meet Orlando Shaw. According to him, he has roughly 18 children, and he knows all of their names. This is sad situation all the way around.
NewsChannel 5 Nashville: The local CBS affiliate in Nashville interviewed 33-year old Orlando Shaw outside the Metro Courthouse where he had been taken to court …

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