Tonight's BIG DUMMIES had to learn the hard way about a life lesson a lot of people need to learn. Not to write stuff on the internet you don't really want people to find out about you. The things you write on the internet have real consequences.

These three twitter users found out, the hard way what happens when you tweet a threat to President Barack Obama. 26 year old, Jarvis Britton of Alabama, was sentenced to a year in jail for threatening President Obama through Twitter. Britton tweeted, “Let’s Go Kill the President; I think we could get the president with cyanide! #MakeItSlow.” Now this is not the first time that Britton has expressed wanting to cause harm to President Obama. The first time that Britton made a threat to the President via Twitter, was just last year. For that incident, he received a visit from the Secret Service, and was told to basically watch his tweets. Now why Britton would turn around and use twitter to send more threats after that visit ? I cant begin to understand the lack of a thought process.

The two other twitter users who were thrown behind bars are Dante Jamar Sims, and Daniel Temple. Sims of Charlotte, N.C. was sentenced to six months after tweeting he wanted to “assassinate President Obama”.

Temple of Ohio s waiting to be sentenced for tweeting threats along the line of Sims’ threats.

The internet is not a place to make terrorist threats against the people who run it.