I know people who are really in gangs who don't promote the gang lifestyle. These same real life gangstas really have a problem with RAPPERS who promote gang life, and aren't really gangstas. They have all the rights in the world to feel this way. Being a "Gangsta" is not a game, but apparently RAPPER Meek Mill didn't get the memo. He recently threw up a picture on Instagram of him throwing up a the LA gang "The Bloods" gang sign.


Meek Mill has never referenced being in a gang in any of his music, but it struck him to rep the bloods on Instagram. I'm not doubting Meek Mill's street credibility but this gang stuff is kind of wack, especially when Meek Mill is in a position to promote more positive things other than being in a gang.

When rappers do stuff like this it makes it harder for them to be RAPPERS, because they have to worry about real GANGSTAS confronting them when they come their cities. I'm not hating but you would think Meek Mill would have better things to do with his time. I expect pictures like this from 14 year old boys from Cheektowaga. Meek Mill needs to have several seats. Real gangstas don't post things on the internet anyway, that is evidence.