Emeka Wajed is a young man on a mission, his passion for creating custom design sneakers and cleats, has earned him recognition, not only among his peers but also in the NFL. I spoke with Mek recently and asked him where his inspiration comes from.

My inspsriration comes from my mother and fathers wisdom, where they tell me it is wise to be self-employed because you can be much more flexible and make money

while doing what you love. It's something you'll never get bored of.

said, Mek in our recent phone interview.

Emeka Wajed has been painting sneakers for 3 years now, and it will be 4 years soon. Mek has painted shoes for, Shaq Lawson, Zack Moss, L'Jarius Sneed, which are all in the NFL, he hopes to get some of his work in the NBA as well. I asked Emeka, what is his favorite thing to paint. Mek told me, he likes to paint whatever comes to mind, sometimes he throws and splashes colors on canvas at random, or he may work on practicing faces on paper.

Emeka Wajed attends The Park School of Buffalo, where he will be in the graduating class of 2022, Mek told me his biggest dream for his career as an art/canvases, is to get to a point where his work is bided on for an extremely high price, or treated like a luxury or rarity.

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Shoes and Cleats Made by Mek

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