With the Buffalo Bills' 2023-24 season coming to an unexpected and terrible end, it's time for the Bills' coaching staff and management to look toward the off-season and prepare for the 2024-25 season. It's also time for us members of the Bills Mafia to shed a few tears and prepare for next year.

No matter how hard it is to get over how the game between the Chiefs and Bills was played, we have to overcome the emotions and feelings of loss we're going through.

As the game against the Chiefs came to its bitter end, there is one thing for sure: when the dust clears at One Bills Drive, there will need to be some serious team decisions the squad needs to make.

Buffalo Has Several Bills That Will Become Free Agents

According to the Buffalo News, there are at least 20 Bills who are do to become free agents this off-season. From roll players to some big names on the team, the team has some serious moves to make in the spring.

20 Buffalo Bills Who Are Free Agents This Off-Season

The off-season between the 2023/24 and 2024/25 off-season is set to be a doozy as the Bills have several players that become free agents this year and some serious decisions to make.

Gallery Credit: Ed Nice

The Bills Also Have To Worry About The Salary Cap

Whatever happens from here, the Bills are going to deal with the salary cap as they are going to be quite a bit over next year.

As much of a fan of the Bills as I am, I worry that this was the year that a victory had to happen, as the team needs to look very different in the coming season.

Bills Fans Dig Out Highmark Stadium In Western New York

Fans were digging out the home of the Buffalo Bills up until kickoff against the Pittsburgh Steelers.

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The Top Folding Tables For The Bills Mafia To Jump On

In order to have the best tailgates this year, you have to be ready with the highest quality equipment

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