This is a busy week on NewTube, with hott new music videos from Trinidad James, Chris Brown, Nicki Minaj, Kat Dahlia, Tyler The Creator, Snoop Lion and Drake! Peep the visuals inside!

Go ahead, pretend to be a “Gangsta” while you cruise around at “5 AM in Toronto” shouting “Female$ Welcomed” just make sure you treat them like “Fine China” and remember "No Guns Allowed" in “High School”.

Also, check out the bonus video that caused Kanye West to delete EVERYTHING off of his website to feature just this one Bonus video! Check them out!



Nicki Minaj – High School ft. Lil Wayne (Explicit)

Nicki Minaj has created some steam in this video! She and Lil Wayne are each other’s love interest in the video and they also have a love scene! Other than that, Nicki Minaj is also seen in her typical sexy outfit and coming out the pool with her rear end exposed. I really can’t say this video has anything to do with high school…it’s more on a college scale. Either way, this video is definitely something to check out!


Kat Dahlia – Gangsta

This song definitely has a huge message and you can tell Kat Dahlia is singing from the heart. The video was shot in her hometown of South Beach in Miami, Florida. It shows her hood, her struggles and what she had to overcome. This girl has a very unique voice and I can see her going places. Check her out!


Trinidad James- Feamle$ Welcomed

Trinidad James has returned back to his home town of Trinidad to shoot this video. He is shown with some lovely lady in the traditional carnival clothing. I have to say that I didn’t expect Trinidad James to go this route with the video…It’s pretty unique. Check it out!


Chris Brown – Fine China

Chris Brown seems to be taking it old school with his song choice this time. This song gives off a Michael Jackson feel and he shows off some of those infamous dance moves. The video is 6 minutes song because it features a skit piece. Seems like every artist is trying to display their acting skills! I’m not hatin’ though….go ahead and show off your talents!


Drake – 5 AM in Toronto

Drake has changed up his usual video theme for this one... it is actually his first viral video. This song has such a deep meaning and I think that this was good route to go. He is in his home town of Toronto with the camera following him around. Drake is always trying something new and I definitely commend him for it. Take a look!

Snoop Lion- ft. Drake and Cori B. "No Guns Allowed"

Snoop Lion has released this video in remembrance of the Sandy Hook killings. The video and song has a deep meaning and Snoop found a way to release his thoughts in an interesting way. With his Rasta locks and powerful lyrics, this video reminds you of a song Bob Marley might do in 2013. Snoop's daughter Cori B on the hook and Drake's contribution drives the message of non violence home for Reggae & Hip Hops fans alike! Definitely a song to listen to and possibly change your thoughts about guns.

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Tyler The Creator- IFHY (Explicit)

Yes, this is the video that inspired Kanye West to delete everything off of his website just so people could solely focus on this video. Tyler has a bit of a reputation for putting up crazy, odd, and scary music and videos. In this video, Tyler is featured in a doll house and his face is morphed to look drastically different. Overall, the meaning was definitely something that we all can relate to…hating and loving someone at the same time. Take a look!

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