After receiving news that his debut album, 'My Krazy Life,' wasn't nominated for a Grammy award, YG could have easily taken to social media to complain. Fortunately, he didn't and decided to release new music instead.

The Bompton rhymer deburs (via the L.A. Leakers) the keyboard-driven '2015 Flow,' which was produced by DJ Mustard, who was also snubbed by the Grammy voters in the Producer of the Year category.

On the song, the West Coast rapper puts his storytelling skills on the back burner and spits in-your-face-rhymes that contain a nice mixture of strong one-liners and staunch bravado.

"It's that Silicon Valley flow, I got that Sundance vision, n---- you ain't know / God damn, I got album of the year still / Three packs in, imagine how these wack rappers feel / I've been killin' n----s all year / Bill, me and them white folks names got something in common / Bills I got 'em / I've been at rich houses, I've been to rich hills / The home got that Tommy, know that's something that he'll feel," he spits.

YG's '2015 Flow' will appear on the soundtrack to YG's short film, 'Blame It on the Streets,' which debuts on Dec 15.

Listen to YG's '2015 Flow'

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