It’s one of the eastern most towns of Dutchess County, but if you’ve never been to Millerton, let me tell you it is so worth the drive. You can spend a whole afternoon in Millerton. It’s walkable, has some great restaurants, and I’ve been known to spend hours in the Millerton Antiques Center.

Now there is an even sweeter reason to head to Millerton if you haven’t been there in a while. While so many people were holed up inside during the pandemic, Candy-O’s Sweet Shop opened their doors at 28 Main Street in Millerton. What a delightful store it is. Candy, ice cream, chocolates, and even collectibles. Talk about buying local, Candy-O's carries local products like Jane's Ice Cream and Hudson Valley Chocolates. And it's one of the coolest names ever, at least to this fan of The Cars. I haven’t been to Millerton in a few months, but I’ll definitely be visiting Candy-O’s on my next trip.

What else is there to do in Millerton? Plenty. Are you familiar with Harney and Sons Teas? You can visit this great store right in Millerton. Shop for tea and have a light bite to eat. Harney Tea is world famous, by the way. Want to catch a movie? There’s a cool movie house right on Main Street. And after the movie, pop into 52 Main for some tapas and you might even catch an acoustic music show. There is also a good diner and lots of little shops to check out.

Millerton has always been a sweet little town, but now it’s even sweeter. Congratulations to Candy-O’s Sweet Shop, I can’t wait to get a taste. In fact, I think I’ll head to Millerton this week. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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