The fierce wind and rain caused lots of damage, flooding and power outages in WNY.

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Credit: WIVB

This morning (November 16, 2020), there are many people waking up across Western New York with no power thanks to the wind and rain from yesterday. According to WIVB, there are more than 9,400 National Grid customers without power. Another 13,000 New York State Electric and Gas Corporation customers are without power as well, with 11,000 of those located in Erie County.

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In addition to power being knocked out, yesterday's 'storm' also caused damage and flooding. Buffalo Police warned people that trees had been knocked over around the City of Buffalo. Traffic lights were also affected, including the signal at Bailey Avenue and Seneca Street. Flooding was another issue that residents had to deal with. South Street flooded, according to WIVB. James Rogers, a resident who lives on South Park Avenue, told Channel 4 that his basement flooded,

“Right in the middle of the Bills game my alarm went off and the water came right through my floor. The sink in my basement was three-quarters of the way full. The street was flooded out here so much you couldn’t cross. I called the fire department.”

WIVB put together a photo gallery of some of the damage in WNY>

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