Well this is my personal take on the topic of the New Pickle Juice Slushy coming to Sonic locations this summer ... YUCK!  But not so fast.  I asked several people and just knew they'd feel the same way, but to my amazement, almost everyone I asked was excited.  I do not get it.  Pickle Juice alone seems like it would have a sour taste not far removed from the bite of lemon juice or lime juice.  A Pickle Juice ANYTHING, to me, is Taste Bud Suicide.  I'm trying to imagine how it would taste and ... why Pickle Juice?

Well according to Food & Wine, Pickle Juice is becoming increasingly popular and a Pickle Juice Slushy is thought to be the perfect drink to consume with a juicy hamburger of hot dog...you know...instead of the pickles that usually accompany both.



Now here's the most surprising part of all of this to me...and makes me want to try one of these Pickle Juice Slushies at Sonic this summer... here's what Food and Wine’s Maria Yagoda said:

“We tasted the drink at Sonic’s headquarters in Oklahoma City, and it’s surprisingly delicious (and makes a good accompaniment to burgers and/or tots and/or corn dogs.),” Food and Wine’s Maria Yagoda writes. “Sweet and tangy, the bright brine compensates for the over-savoriness you might have been worried about.  The only downside to the confusingly delicious beverage, Yagoda says, “is that the slush is a bit too sweet, as if overcorrecting for the acidity.”

Too Sweet?  Wow...makes me curious to try it...I just have too, I guess.  So maybe I'll see you in line at Sonic this summer and I may have tried one before you...if that's the case and you recognize me AND you're thinking about getting one, ask me first and I'll be honest...then you can still buy one and try it for yourself ... lol.

Thanks for reading my Blog and you have yourself a Pickle of a Day now you hear.

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