For some its back to work with the Monday Blues....But for people like me it’s a fresh week to take every opportunity of the 24hrs that each day possess to do something great, to get closer to your yearly Goals, your dreams or to give back!

This Monday I challenge you to write down everything you want to accomplish this week creating you a “Weekly To-Do List” a “Game Plan” and every time you accomplish something on your list check it off…so by the time Friday come you are down to Zero and you can start another list fresh again Monday.

In order to accomplish anything your must start off with a plan.

“If You Fail To Plan. You Plan to Fail”  - Harvey Mackay

So I double dare you to Write Your Plan and Make It Plain and Execute!

Nothing in life is just giving to you, you have to Go Get it. ASK SEEK KNOCK You Got To Be A Go Getta!

Leave your comments below to let me know how your doing for the week. I hope to hear from you!

Also follow me on twitter at @ADRIVTheGoGetta for more ways to get on the ship and Be A Go Getta!


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