The dreaded parking ticket: You see them placed on vehicles all the time.

But Washington, D.C. residents may starting seeing more from their neighbors, not just traffic officers.

Councilman Charles Allen created the idea of DC's citizens handing out tickets. About 80 people around the district would be trained and certified to issue tickets, and use a mobile app to take a photo of the violation.

The ticket would be issued in the postal mail.

Residents aren't so sure about the idea. Some think the idea of a citizen giving another a ticket could create violence. I can see the headlines-now: "Neighbors break out into fist fight over parking ticket"

Council man Allen Said

When someone is creating an immediate safety hazard there needs to be a consequence," "So having the ability to have more essentially enforcement take place, all those little violations that are happening all the time, that impact our safety, that make our streets less safe — to be able to have enforcement be magnified is part of having safer streets."

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