Let me tell y’all about this 24-year-old woman who through a temper tantrum at Charlotte Douglas International Airport. The woman was mad that her flight got cancelled, and instead of acting like an adult, she threw a chair at a window and broke it!

According to WBTV, Charlotte Mecklenburg broke the window near a valet parking station. she later walked off like nothing ever happened, I wish I was sitting there, my facial expression would have been priceless lol.

After police reviewed survelliance footage, Charlotte —who’s white— wasn’t even arrested! She was just cited with damage to property.

According to the news report, Charlotte’s flight was just one of many flights that got cancelled that day.


American Airlines said its PSA Airlines carrier canceled 275 flights last Thursday and around 400 flights last Friday because of a technical issue. Travel through Charlotte-Douglas International Airport has been particularly affected, where nearly half of PSA’s Friday flights were canceled.

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