Tonight's Scenario comes from a male listener who wrote;


I’ve been dating this woman for the last month or so and I feel like everything is going good but there is one issue that is keeping me from just going all in with this relationship. She doesn’t have her kids. She has a teenage son and a daughter I would guess is about 10 or 11 and the son is living with his daddy and his wife and the daughter lives with her mom.

She said that she sent her son to his dad because he was getting in trouble and she couldn’t do anything with him and she says her daughter wants to live with her mom. It only became a real issue when I told my sister about her situation and my sister was telling me “hell naw.” She claims that a rule to the game, but I’m 31 and I have never heard that I shouldn’t date a woman because she is not raising her kids. Have you ever heard of this? I’m just curious.

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