The Guilt Of Cheating !
Tonight's scenario comes from a female listener:
“So here my story. I have been with this guy for 3 years. Like any relationship we have had our share of ups and downs. I have caught him up in several different situations over the time we have been together and I have had enough...
Why Won’t Black Women Date White Men ? [#SCENARIO]
Tonight's topic comes from a male listener who wrote: “Supreme, I listen to
your show every night, keep up the good work. Here’s what I want you to ask, I’m a
white male and I have always been interested in black females. Not all of the time
but most of the ti…
In Love With A Escort [#THESCENARIO]
Yo Supreme:
I’ve been kinda kickin it with this female about 7 months, and we have been talking about like really becoming a couple. She is a really good catch she’s got her own stuff, apartment, car, and no kids. I guess one of the reasons she is not my woman is becau…
Boyfriend Can’t Handle The Truth [POLL] [SCENARIO]
Every Saturday we discuss a different topic about LIFE called the SCENARIO: This weekend's scenario comes from a female listener this is what she wrote ?
“This is for the men, I had my phone in my purse and it accidentally called my boyfriend while I was talking to my girls...
Baby Sleeping In The Same Room As Couple [THE SCENARIO]
Tonight's scenario comes from a female listener this is what she had to say:
"I am not happy about my baby sleeping in the same room as his daddy and girlfriend. My ex is with another girl for 10 months now. Our son who is almost 3 and he spends 50% of his time at his dads, which is gr…
Should I Marry A Sex Offender [THE SCENARIO]
Dj Supreme
Have a question for you, in this half religion-half society. Is it wrong to want to marry a sex offender? See I am a sex offender, convicted 15 years ago. I met a beautiful woman whom fell in love with me and we were engaged up to yesterday...

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