As a man, would you take your bride's last name? As a woman, would you ask your man to marry you? Seems like a couple of silly questions but more and more couples are breaking the mode and doing what they feel is right. Check this out!

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It's a new day and many traditional male-female roles have been reversed. Many women are now the breadwinner in the family and an increasing number of men are proudly becomming stay-at-home dads. Zoe Saldana's husband made headlines when he took her last name and dropped his own (Perego). She actually tried to talk him out of it, alluding to the fact that he will be "Emasculated" by his peers, but he could care less. Personally I feel that was more of a business move for him since her name is already famous. Here's their story.

Now onto the next question, would you as a female ask your man to marry you?

She got on her knees and asked him to marry her. Ladies would you do this?? Just a YES OR NO PLEASE!

Posted by Pastor John F. Hannah on Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Many of our WBLK listeners don't see anything wrong with the woman getting down on one knee. I think that once you do that you are throwing all traditional expectations out the window. Since she asked the man to be her husband isn't she in essence promising to be the provider and protector?

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