A 1,818.5 pound pumpkin that currently holds the world record for the largest pumpkin is being carved into a macabre spectacle of flesh-hungry zombies.

Artist Ray Villafane, who specializes in creative pumpkin carving, is behind the gruesome sculpture that he carved as part of the New York Botanical Garden’s “Haunted Pumpkin Garden.

The record breaking pumpkin features three creepy monsters bursting out of the huge orange shell, covered in pumpkin guts as they claw their way to freedom. He even has bits of the pumpkin suspended in air by long tooth picks as if they are just climbing their way out of it.

So by zombies rules, does that mean that zombies made out of pumpkins only have a hunger for non-zombified pumpkins? That probably means humans are still safe, but just to be sure, I’d protect your brains if you want to visit them in person.

World's Largest Pumpkin Zombie Carving

You can see more of Villafane’s sculpture at Inhabitat.com and The New York Botanical Garden’s special events page.

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