High Heels can be the quintessential element of a woman’s outfit. Many women say heels make her feel sexy, attractive and powerful. On the other hand, they can be an expensive fetish that leave your feet uncomfortable and score! Where do you stand on the high heel debate? (Pun intended)

 Most of the time, I choose shoes based on comfort level over heel height. But an irresistible sale this past weekend convinced me to buy an unusually high heel. I wore this pair of shoes to work and within seconds of walking in the building, I felt like a new woman. Other females in the office complimented my shoe game and the men looked at me with a new level of admiration!

So I got to thinking, is THIS why women all over the world kill themselves (shoeicide) in stilettos?

Does wearing a high heel shoe really make that much a difference in the way others see and treat a woman?

For my intern Ali, who stands at 6 feet tall, heels are a blessing and a curse! While she has a deep appreciation for the higher/finer shoes in life, her natural height prevents her from rocking them .

 If someone is already 6 foot and throws on heels to become 6’5 just for a night of dancing in a club is that really attractive to guys?  Average height for a man in 6’2” and I can assure no guy wants to feel inferior to an amazon sky scrapper female.  However, being fewer than 5 feet some girls never leave the house without some sort of heel on their shoe.  Being short can make you look much younger than you are, yet adding on a couple inches and you could actually appear to be older.