Men hear the phrase 'Man Up' and get offended.  Women are presented with the same but different gender directive, 'Woman Up' and respond excitedly with WHERE & WHEN?

WHERE: The Hotel Henry Conference Center

WHEN: Tuesday, June 12, 2018 from 9a - 4p (Cocktails follow)

The Woman Up Conference is sponsored by APA Solutions with the Theme being: 'The Future of Work'.  This day long conference, for women of all ages, is designed to motivate, encourage and empower in the workplace, and literally teach women how to make then most of their careers or business ventures beyond the status quo.

I had the pleasure of interviewing the President of APA Solutions, Joan Gracie who shared much insight regarding AOPA Solutions as well as the Woman Up: The Future of Work 2018 Conference.  There is a minimal cost tom attend the Conference but if you like what you hear next and cannot afford the admission price, APA Solutions isn willing to work something out with you.  (Click link below for financial assistance to attend the Conference)


Last Year'sWoman Up'Event:

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