According to KOTV, A 22-year-old lady from Sallisaw, Oklahoma was arrested this week for attempting to sell her two children -- a 2-year-old and a 10-months-old -- to a woman in Fort Smith, Arkansas. According to police, Misty VanHorn offered to sell her 2-year-old for $1,000 or both kids for $4,000. The Fort Smith woman called the Department of Human Services, who in turn notified Sallisaw Police. Detectives say Misty told them she needed $1,000 to bond her boyfriend out of jail. Love might no just be BLING it is dumb as well! She was charged with trafficking children and remains jailed on $40,000 bond. Both children were placed into state custody.

I can't figure out what was the means of sale but i really hope she didn't put this as a FaceBook stat:

"Kids For Sale HMU in my inbox for details"

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