The latest entry into the BIG DUMMY FILES is the news department at KFOR Oklahoma Channel 4 news. There was a fire in Oklahoma City and the only representative of the neighborhood they could find was this woman. I don't believe it, things like this are done intentionally to enforce stereotypes and gain ratings.

There has to be some kind of accountability for episodes like this. This isn't funny it's sad. News channels are always putting the stereotypical black person from the hood on TV. This is part of the reason why rashes of racist behavior have been going on all around the country. Things like this only incite racism and stereotypes. The people of Oklahoma City should write the advertisers that advertise on that KFOR channel 4 and tell them they are offended by this news story. Until that happens you will continue to see crackheads representing on the local news. Welcome the KFOR Channel 4 Oklahoma staff, producers and anchors into the BIG DUMMY FILES.