A woman in East Aurora has been charged with trying to hire a hitman to harm her ex-boyfriend!

Yanyan Lesser was charged by prosecutors of trying to hire a hitman to hurt her ex, according to WIVB. She was charged with 'transmitting in interstate or foreign commerce a communication containing a threat to injure another person'. She tried to hire the hitman through the internet. She requested that the hitman break her ex's bones and permanently disable him! Her ex was in Orlando at the time of the planned hit. He told the Department of Homeland Security that she was unstable and would certainly be capable of planning the hit!

She wrote:

“Because of a business dispute, I would like to give this guy a lesson:give him a good beating and legs broken, waist broken and even cripple the mark of his legs.It need to be looks like a robbery, looks like To rob of his money or property,NOT looks like revenge.I will add $2500 more to cover the cost of beating, crippling and robbery look like job. Please remember must be looks like a ROBBERY!That's very important! And please let hitman knows that Chinese guy no speak English also no understanding English too.So when hitman to do the job with crippling and looking like robbery,Remember to Yelled at that Chinese guy:"MONEY!MONEY! " Because that's only the English word that guy can understand it!”

via WIVB

And she even used bitcoin, a digital currency, to pay for the hit. According to prosecutors, she transferred 1.26 bitcoin, around roughly $4,577.51 in cash to the hitman. On another day, she transferred 0.694 bitcoin, approximately $2707.95 in cash.

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