While the arrival of Memorial Day may be more subdued, with restrictions loosening  towns and villages are looking toward Independence Day and getting their plans together for annual events.

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WIVB-TV tells us that the Town of Tonawanda is planning on holding the July 2nd fireworks show, but Town Supervisor Joe Emminger says they’re still trying to figure out some of the seating logistics at Kenney Field.

“It’s a crowded event. A lot of families are there. Generally that would be good news.” said Emminger. “There are a lot of homes in the neighborhood…a lot of firework parties,” he added.

The Grand Island recreation department announced the annual Independence Day Parade and Dick Bessel Independence Day Run will happen on July 3rd. The recreation supervisor says if state mandates change, their plans could too.

In Orchard Park, the Chamber of Commerce Executive Director, Donald Lorentz, says their parade will kick off at 11 AM this year, instead of it’s usual 8 PM time.

“The town typically runs the fireworks, and we aren’t sure if the fireworks are going to happen this year,” said Lorentz. “We were thinking with everything happening with Covid, it might be better for people to come during the day time.”

Lorentz tells News 4 that because it’s still very early, they’re waiting for some important details.

“The last information that was given to us was that we may not be able to have a walking parade…It may all be a driving parade. But we won’t know that until we get closer to the event.”

With more New Yorkers receiving vaccinations, there is hope for a more normal holiday this year...parades and fireworks would be great but an easing of Border restrictions so that families separated for more than a year would bring a true feeling of independence.


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