The ongoing conflict in Ukraine is heartbreaking to many, including those who live in Western New York, and that is why one business owner in Williamsville decided that they needed to do something and take action.

Lydia Dominick, owner of the Buffalo Balloon Company, traveled to Poland to deliver donations and medical supplies directly to the Ukrainian refugees who sought safety there.

Dominick spent the last week in Gdynia, Poland and she was able to see every donation go to someone that needed it. 

If you are a parent, then you already know: your primary focus is your family and loved ones and making sure that they are ok, but when that focus becomes blurred due to things out of your control, it is without a doubt a time of unbelievable stress. 

Dominick has been able to buy some of the necessary items for these Ukrainian families and other refugees through a new project of hers called Buffalo Gives

Buffalo Gives asks people to donate supplies, if they are able, and drop them off at the Buffalo Balloon Company in Williamsville. So far, Buffalo Gives has been able to collect cold medicine for adults and children, Band-Aids, some pain relievers like aspirin, and money, but there has also been a high demand for bullet proof vests, which the project has been able to come by. 

They are still looking for donations to take to Poland, and you can find out how you can help through Buffalo Gives by clicking here. Dominick plans to keep collecting donations, including medical supplies and money to help refugees that are in need of a home or safe house.

See the full story from our friends at WIVB Channel 4 by clicking here.

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