Willow‘s back for her next attempt at achieving ‘Whip My Hair’-level success, but this time she’s brought along hip-hop princess Nicki Minaj to up her game.

Both stars trade rap verses on the recently released ‘Fireball,’ where the 10-year-old multimedia magnate kicks things off by asking “Um, hello? Can we get this party started?”

“Shook the world up, now I caused a little drama,” boasts Willow. “Brighter than the stars / I’m ahead of the curve.” Later, she’s joined by Minaj, who asks, “Willow, didn’t I just see you in China? You’re real major even though you a minor,” then goes on to point out, “Your daddy keep you in designer / You’re gully gully gully / Yeah you’re gully kinda.”

It’s hard being this gully, but someone has to do it.

Willow’s album producer Jukebox says she’s completed nine tracks for her debut album, which the label hopes to have out before the end of the year. In between taking stabs at conquering the pop world, she’s pursuing a budding acting career; her next project, a remake of ‘Annie,’ will reportedly feature music from her label boss, Jay-Z.

Listen to Willow’s ‘Fireball’ (featuring Nicki Minaj)

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