Willow Smith

Most people would agree that Willow Smith seems to act well beyond her age and many have said that she's had too much freedom...based upon the picture below...could they be right? WHAT DO YOU THINK?        
At 11 Years Old, is Willow Smith Too Free?
Tongue rings, multiple earrings, a boy cut, obscure clothing. Many don't agree with Willow Smith's image and feel that Will Smith and Jada Pinkett-Smith are being too lenient as parents by letting an 11 year old seemingly do whatever she pleases...
Does Willow Smith Remind You Of Amber Rose ?
Amber Rose hit up twitter, to say that she has an interesting view of Willow Smith. She say's that Willow Smith reminds her a lot of her self. I don't get the comparison at all. Willow Smith's PARENTS are millionaires, Amber Rose's aren't...

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