Things get a little explosive in the video for the Willow and Nicki Minaj duet ‘Fireball.’ The vid opens with Star Wars credits, with words ascending against a black, starry sky. Nice touch, ladies. While there is the requisite amount of flames for a vid for a song with the word “fire” in the title, the most standout thing about the urban, semi apocalyptic clip? The way Willow dances in the streets, with her long, coltish legs and exaggerated moves.

Willow dances solo against a wall and in the streets with a crew of dancers behind her. The sky is dark and the ground is wet and it’s the simplest of backdrops so Willow can strut her stuff and show off her moves.

The mini fashionista, dressed in print pants, big black boots and a jacket with boxy shoulders, uses her lithe frame to appear almost spider-like. She’s all legs as she dances like something out of 2099! She appeared made of appendages.

Minaj shows up to trade raps and to dance with Willow, wearing a big pink wig, brighter lips and a dress made of stuffed animals. She trumped Willow in the loud attire department and Willow was anything but demure.

The terrific twosome nearly combust on screen.

Watch the Willow + Nicki Minaj ‘Fireball’ Video

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