Aside from what we’ve heard her do in the singles ‘Whip My Hair’ and ‘Fireball,’ and her Frank Ocean cover, no one’s really sure what to expect from Willow Smith‘s upcoming debut album ‘Knees and Elbows,’ due April 3.

But we do know her favorite record of 2011 was Kid Cudi‘s ‘Man on the Moon II: The Legend of Mr. Rager,’ and in her most recent YouTube clip, she serves up a brief cover of the ‘Moon II’ track ‘All Along.’

Lasting just under a minute, Willow’s ‘All Along’ cover finds her working solo at the keyboard, running through just enough of the song to get through the chorus. There’s been speculation that Cudi will make a guest appearance on ‘Knees and Elbows,’ and this performance should only add to the rumors.

Then again, it could just be Willow’s way of saying thanks for the music. During a recent interview with Idolator, she enthused about ‘Man on the Moon II,’ saying ‘I like it because it’s different, and it has a lot of feeling. He’s not just writing songs to write songs. He’s writing songs that are about his life.’

Watch Willow’s take on ‘All Along’ below, followed by the original:

Watch Willow Smith Perform ‘All Along’

Watch the Kid Cudi ‘All Along’ Video

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