People will find just about anything to complain about, but trivial complaints bother me to no this complaint.

According to News Reports, Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets on Sheridan Drive in Williamsville, NY has caused an unnecessary uproar, in my opinion, over some baby chickens for rent.  It's not the fact that you can rent these baby chicks that has some folks 'trippin',it's a promotional picture that has people (with nothing better to do) complaining that the chicks are DYED DIFFERENT if they're Easter Eggs.

The premise behind the complaint is laughingly unfounded, after the Owner explains that the main complaint people have is based on false Information, (as you'll see in the video bellow).  The SPCA however (according to News Reports) is one of those who disagrees somewhat with Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets and what they are doing regarding ...calling it Animal Abuse.

The SPCA released this statement (according to News Reports):

"We are trying to appeal to the people who are engaging in this practice, asking them to do their homework and ask questions," said Gina Browning of the SPCA serving Erie County. "They need to think about the type of seeds being planted in children's minds. If we are going to talk about this as an educational experience, do we want to teach them these animals can be a discardable play thing?" Browning asked.


"The reason the matter isn’t already settled once and for all is because, despite what the SPCA unequivocally believes is ethically and morally wrong, we must abide by a vague, unclear law that only specifies the sale, offer for sale, bartering, or giving away of live chicks as opposed to the 'renting' or 'leasing” loophole.'

Now despite the SPCA's comments, the News Report does state that the SPCA did admit that they can't, yet, find anything illegal about the pet store's promotion.

Here's what Steve’s Wonderful World of Pets Owner had to say:

“The experience of baby chicks is a wonderful, educational treat that has been enjoyed by children for generations. This tradition has been disappearing due to urbanization.. We are trying a new

idea so that children in our area can also enjoy these wonderful little creatures. We want you to enjoy these animals but do not even think of keeping them. They are a farm animal and will not thrive in an

urban environment. Keep and care for them until Easter and then bring them back to us. We have made arrangements to place them with a farm where they will be well cared for. Comments or questions? Please call us at (716) 634-3397"


Additionally, News Reports have Pet Store Owner, Steve Lane saying this:

"A lot of teachers have come and they put them in their classroom. It’s a great thing it’s a great learning experience for children," Lane said. "The problem is when people are screaming on Facebook it's hard to respond in a rational manner. I invite people to come see us and sometimes they do."


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