Did you know that primary day is just four days away? It's nearly three months earlier than usual this year. According to Channel 4 Erie County Democratic Elections Commissioner Jeremy Zellner held a press conference to remind everyone that new primary date, June 25.

This information was new to me and I was only informed just a  week ago..Smh

Apparently, the goal was to bring the state primary date in line with the federal primary date to save money and boost voter turnout. There are no federal primaries this year, but there are several for Erie County Legislative seats and Buffalo Common Council seats.

With this change, I have learned that a lot of people don't know that it's going to be election day on June 25th, so with that in mind, I wanted to do my part to make sure the word gets out.


The Buffalo News shared Tuesday's primary for the 2nd District seat is the only Erie County Legislature primary in which an established incumbent squares off against a challenger. Incumbent April Baskin, now the Legislature chairwoman, faces a rematch against National Guard veteran Duncan Kirkwood. Read more of the story HERE


The 2nd District encompasses some of the richest and poorest sections of Buffalo, crossing the midsection of Buffalo like an uneven belt along most of the West Side and Elmwood Village, in addition to parts of the Main Street corridor, Black Rock, Leroy and Kensington-Bailey neighborhoods.

These two candidates, April Baskin, and Duncan Kirkwood are both two individuals I personally know, who I have a relationship with and have had the opportunity to work with different capacities.  So understanding the possible low show for this election I quickly called them up and invited them to come and have a conversation about the changes in the date, why they are running, what they plan to do in the position and so much more!

Listen to ADRI.V's Go Getta Mix Reloaded as I take my show Off Air and have a Real & Raw conversation with each candidate.


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