As I’m sitting here watching MTV2 (which i rarely do "watch videos") Meek Mill - House Party I noticed every video I see has something to do with CIROC. Everybody in Hip Hop is skinning and grinning drinking CIROC. CIROC was first introduced in the USA in 2003, I always assumed Diddy was the owner. I'm thinking damn Diddy, is really getting paid off of this. CIROC’s blatant advertisement in every Hip Hop song and or video. WRONG, dont get me wrong Diddy is getting his from CIROC, but he doesn’t even own the company.

That's right Diddy is not the owner of CIROC ! I was shocked when i found this out too, Diddy has a beefed up endorsement deal between him and the OWNERS of the drink. They have a 50/50 split of the profits from CIROC. Profits means after the production/marketing and any other cost associated with producing CIROC, that is when Diddy gets his money. The real 100% owners of CIROC Diaego PLC, they have a 3 year deal with Diddy, to help brand their product. After the deal they could part ways with Diddy and find another person to brand/endorse their product. At the end of the day it seems like everybody profits off of Hip Hop except for the people who actually make Hip Hop profitable.

Now don’t get me wrong while the potential to make 100 million dollars off of an endorsement sounds great ! Diddy could’ve very well did this on his own and got 100% of the profit, he is the one who really made CIROC popular. CIROC will also probably be popular after the deal is done leaving Diddy out in the cold trying to find the next great thing to make popular.

CIROC doesn't taste different than any other vodka, vodkas are ALL the same thing just distilled differently but i’ll put you on to the game in another post.

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