This week's Jerk Of The Week came down to two people: Mr. Kanye West and the twerk queen herself, Miley Cyrus.

Now, I went to see Mr. West in concert in Canada at the Copps Coliseum earlier this week, and the sound quality of his microphone was just plain terrible. You can buy Kim a $8 million ring, but you cant fix your microphone on tour? I think not. He also had some weird wolf-looking monster with red eyes just running around the stage randomly. Not to mention, he performed half of the show with a mask on his face. During his several mask changes, we the audience were left looking at his dancers dressed in Catholic Church attire with pantyhose on their faces. It wasn’t till his form of Jesus came out about an hour and a half later that Kanye took his mask off and finished the show with a bang, performing all his old hits

Miley Cyrus is making headlines again, but this time its for her sex-driven performance on her latest tour. She of course is showing off her twerk machine, but that is the least of people's complaints about her show. Seems young Miley shares the stage with a little person dressed like Britney Spears and a range of giant horny stuffed animals that grind on her and her dancers. Even with Mom and Dad in the crowd at her latest show this week in Anaheim, Calif., she still rubs her lady parts with her hand as she grinds on top of a car live on stage. At one point, she even pretended to give oral to a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask. Did I mention, during her show, she gives a lap dance to a giant hot dog -- and we all know it's not concert until she violates a foam finger or two. Seeing how her show allows under 14 year olds if accompanied by an adult, you wouldn’t expect to see so many sexual adult images portrayed on stage.

Now I’m all for performance art, but I left the Kanye show scratching my head, and after seeing the pictures from Miley's show, I was left with that same feeling.

But I choose Kanye this week for JERK OF THE WEEK. Miley's young -- I’m not going hate on her wanting to spread her wings. But Kanye has to much money for his sound quality to be that bad. I’m all for a crazy show -- just make sure it sounds good first.

Miley Cyrus - Bangerz Tour - Full Preview (2014)


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