Hip-hop is a baby when you compare it to other genres of music, however, once it became popular in the 80s it often took on a bad boy image in mainstream media, largely propelled by both casual and overt racist undertones aimed at undermining a genre that specifically spoke to and for young black and brown people.

Parents and politicians alike have been known to slam hip-hop artists for promoting drugs, violence, and misogynistic lyrics in their music. Well, a new study says that when it comes to genres that mention drugs, hip-hop is at the bottom of the list.

According to a new study that was published on Addiction.com using the data from SongMeanings, it was revealed that country music has the most drug references of any musical genre, followed by jazz, pop, electronic, rock, other, folk and then hip-hop.

Out of the eight genres analyzed, hip-hop is actually among the least likely genre to mention drugs. Actually, drug use mentions have surprising dropped in music overall over the past few years.

The study, which was reported on by Newsweek, also measured what drugs were mentioned the most in lyrics. According to Addiction.com, "Over 30 percent of all drug mentions in the music analyzed in our research refers to marijuana in one way or another. Cocaine follows at 22 percent, beating out acid, pills, methamphetamines, heroin and ecstasy."

When they measured the top artists that referenced drugs in their music many hip-hop artists made the list. Jay Z has made 238 drug references, The Game has made 285, Lil Wayne has made 247, and Eminem came in second with 305 references. The artists with the most drug references, however, were Kottonmouth Kings with 440 drug related references.

You can check out the full list of artists that made the list here.


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