The State Universtiy of New York at Buffalo has a new professor on campus this year and this person is well known in the hip-hop community.

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According to a press release that was issued by The University at Buffalo Arts Collaboratory Working Artists Lab, hip-hop pioneer Grandmaster Flash has been retained by the university to teach a class related to the foundational teachings and practices of hip-hop from over the years.

Students from UB and the State University of New York, College at Buffalo, will participate in labs and seminars hosted by Grandmaster Flash during the entire Fall 2021 Semester.

The residency at UB gives me a chance to tell hip-hop’s whole story. The sights. The sounds. The places and the moments. It’s important that we get this history right. For the next generation to take music and art in new directions, they have to know where that music and art came from, who made it and how.
-Grandmaster Flash

This will be the first time that Grandmaster Flash will work with students on the college/university level as a teacher and professor. While this may be the first time, officials at SUNY are confident that it will not be the last time and are hopeful that Grandmaster Flash will be willing and able to return for future classes after this semester.

In addition to the labs and classes that students will attend, they will have an opportunity to have a live screening of Grandmaster Flash's film Hip-Hop: People, Places & Things, along with having the opportunity to attend a private DJ show that is headlined by the Grammy Award winner.

As a huge fan of music, and its history, I am super excited for Grandmaster Flash's residency at UB. I'm even considering becoming a student again.

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