Buffalo Public School System is talked about negatively by a lot of people. Some say it's the worst, the system doesn't care, etc. I come from a generation where you learned a trade and you perfected it. Buffalo is an awesome place to live, but why do the inner city schools have such a bad reputation?

I asked around and many said, 'the lack of funding','lack of Interest','lack of motivation'. I believe the current generation coming up have to have something to look forward too. I honestly feel like the Inner city schools remind me of the famous movie 'Lean on me', which was about a failing New Jersey school that was saved by one man. I'm not saying that It can't happen, but I feel like In order for that to happen someone has to be put In place, that has the KIDS best Interest at heart.

There are kids that love to build objects, do hair, that sing, can act etc, but when we take those valuable programs out of public schools, that kids are passionate about, you're basically telling them they're dreams aren't Important enough to have a program towards it. Take the poll below!