Look,Buffalo Housing Market Is Among Top Cities In America.
Buffalo make sure you pat yourself on the back when you walk into your homes tonight. I just seen an incredible story that makes the queen city shine yet again. There's been talks about the Western New York housing market and how It's becoming a good investment over time...
Erie County Still Has 60 Outstanding Arrest Warrants Active.
When you look at how many people are wanted, I almost could fringe up and worry. I'm curious to know who's the leader behind finding these people. Why can't we find the people that are wanted and hurting everyday life?
Check some of the names listed below and see if you recognize any n…
Buffalo Man Gets 25 Years For Shooting Death
It's always a good thing when criminals are kept off the neighborhood streets out of harms ways. I really believe their is hope for Buffalo, lately it seems like the local authorities have been stepping up to the plate more, in my opinion.
A Buffalo man was given the maximum sentence in a shooti…
Drake's Views Album: Which Song Is The Best
Well the secret Is out the bag and social media Is buzzing. Let's get right too It, what's your favorite song on Drake's 'Views'. Let us know by voting below!
Let us know the best song on the album by simply voting!
Current Buffalo Arrest Warrants For Teens Under 21
When you think of arrest warrants you automatically assume it's older people. I came across the Erie County Sheriff's list of active warrants and it was shocking to see this many teenagers that are wanted. Take a look at this!
Via the Erie County Sheriff's Office:
"The followin…
Buffalo You Need Summer Work? Darien Lake Is Looking For Help
It's that time of the year, when students are planning their summer moves. I know some are doing vacations and other things, but I want to make sure you guys have an opportunity to make some extra money this upcoming summer.
Darien Lake is looking to hire some seasonal workers to help with the l…

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