I met Karl Hand last Saturday in the midst of a very volatile setting where a 'White Lives Matter Rally' was rumored to be taking place.  Well that rumor proved to indeed be true but with an unexpected twist ... instead of the 'White Lives Matter Rally' being comprised of those in favor of the agenda, the exact opposite transpired as nearly 300 Counter-White Lives Matter participants showed up to protest the Rally.

While the crowd chanted 'No More Nazi Scum' and 'Go the F*** Home', I noticed this corporate yelling rant was directed at primarily one guy!  Instead of joining the verbal onslaught against this man, I approached the gentleman peacefully and asked if I could speak with him.  he asked me where I was from and I responded, 'WBLK', and he agreed to speak with me (surprisingly).

well the interview was very short-lived as the crowd was relentless in antagonizing this man.  I asked if I could contact him at a later time and ask speak with him one on one. Initially he said no but then changed his mind and gave me his number to set something up.

That encounter led to what's happening today ...an interview with a Well-Know White Supremacist, Karl Hand.  I googled the name and found ton of info regarding Karl; Hand...some of which you can examine below.

Well I thought about the fact that Karl is coming today and it dawned om me that it would be great to have some other people present to ask questions of Karl Hand, who is a long time Member of the a White Supremacist Group called The Racial Nationalist Party of America.  I couldn't very well have a ton of people come to the station so I figured I'd do this Blog and give you a chance to ask any question of Karl Hand you'd like.  so with that said:

What Would You Ask A White Supremacist if You Could ask Any Question?

Post Your Questions Below in the COMMENTS SECTION!

My Encounter with Karl Hand @ Cazenovia Park . 'White Lives Matter Rally'